Space For Humanity – The best places for good conversations

best places to have a conversation

Goal: create a map of the best places in San Diego to have good conversations

We are setting out to identify the places in the world to have a conversation.  We are starting with beautiful San Diego since that is where we are based.  But we will soon expand!

Why: we all want more real connection in our lives.  Knowing the best places to have a good conversation can help us connect.  

Environments shape our lives.  The places we hangout can determine how well we connect with others.  Some places help us or inspire us to open up and connect with others around us.

Criteria: consulting architects and psychologists we developed a list of factors that contribute to a good conversation space

  • Architectural Beauty Scale – for example, a cafe in an old loft with exposed beams is a better setting than Duncan donuts
  • Natural Beauty Scale – a cafe overlooking the ocean or a trail cutting through the mountains are good places for connection.
  • Noise level Scale – relative quiet is conducive to connection.  It is hard to connect if you have to strain to hear or be heard.
  • Interruption Scale – does the space allow you to linger? No one keeps track of time during a great conversations.  For example, if a waiter hurries you to pay the bill or leave the space, they lose marks.
  • Community Scale – What is the chance of talking to an interesting stranger?  Is the place frequented by interesting, friendly people or is it a place frequented by stressed out, hurried customers?
  • Engaging Space Scale –  Does the place itself spark conversation?  For example, a place that has an interesting history or frequently exhibits art may can provide catalyst for conversation.
  • Facilitation Scale – Do places facilitate connection?   Do they hold events that connect patrons?   For example, a yoga studio would likely rank much higher in this case than a cafe.

Nominate a space: Nominate Here

Why this Matters

With the rise of smartphones we have begun to connect less in-person.   This would be find if online communication was just as meaningful and nourishing, but the research indicates that it is not.  Many of us find ourselves starved for real, meaningful connection.

  • We are having fewer real conversations – one-third of people communicate less with their parents (31%), partners (23%), children (33%) and friends (35%) because they can simply follow them on social media Kaspersky Lab (2017)giphy
  • Real conversations lead to better moods & relationship – Face-to-face support proved to be significantly better than text message support in creating positive mood (study)
  • Real conversations reduce the risk of depression – (report)
  • You are more likely to be heard in a real conversation  – A face-to-face request Is 34 times More successful than an email (study)
  • giphy2
  • Mo’ Social Media Use, Mo’ Problems – the more young adults used social media, the more they reported feeling left out and isolated (study)
  • Face-to-face social connectedness is strongly associated with happiness (NPR)giphy1


Real conversations matter

In short, real conversations matter.  They make our lives better.  It is time to recognize the spaces that help us connect in real life.

Map of Spaces For Humanity: Space For Humanity Map






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